About Cell


The vision of the House is a “Cell based church which embraces a life style in which Jesus Christ is Lord demonstrated in the community”. We believe that coming to church every Sunday morning is good but not enough in the life of a believer. To fellowship, to love, to belong and much more can be best expressed not during the two hours of a typical Sunday morning service at church but in the believers’ homes, in their communities.

So we encourage believers to open up their homes to host cell meetings while urge every member of the church to attend one of the 160 cell groups in and around Kampala, in the communities where they stay. 5-10 believers form a cell. A cell meting lasts a maximum of one and half hours. While we have dedicated Wednesday as cells day, members of a particular cell meet at the time that suits them often in the evening after work.

Cells have enormous benefits. There is prayer and devotion. There is Bible study and sharing of the word. There is discipleship. There is praise and worship. There is leadership growth and development. There is sharing of testimonies. There is networking. In cells, believers give and receive genuine love. We have noted that the best place to identify and nurture the gifting of individual believers is in home cells. Yet cells present opportunity to believers to reach out to their communities with the love of Jesus Christ through life transforming seed projects.

For guidance on where you can find a cell near your area, please contact us on;
Email: cellsfulgospel@gmail.com
Phone Number: +256774831217